Resource-building: Anti-Oppressive Collective Witchy Woo

This is normally outside the scope of Not Your Ex/Rotic, but since there’s quite a few Tumblr witchy blogs here I figured I’d post the call here too.

There have been various discussions on multiple Facebook groups about a lack of resources on magick, witchcraft, and woo that weren’t plagued with problems - transmisogyny, racism, cultural appropriation, and so on.

Some people have expressed interest in putting together a resource, such as a zine or a website, that will provide the witchy woo needs we asked for. Here’s a Facebook group to hash out ideas, post your writings, and put things together! Feel free to invite people with similar goals and resources here.

I (Tiara Trans-Platypus on FB) made the FB group, but I don’t want to assumeĀ leadership over this project. If anyone wants to be admins or project leads, or export this project to Tumblr or elsewhere, feel free! Mostly I made this so that the people talking about it have a space to chat.